It is advisable to take into consideration the green area during construction planning.
You will need to determine which plants are required during the design stage.
If static plants are required, select the most appropriate position and provide any necessary hard standing. If mobile, check on circulation routes for optimum efficiency, suitability and maintenance.

Planting around the house has many benefits. Plants improve the ecosystem and sometimes serve as habitat for birds and provide foods.
Other benefits of plants are below:

  • Plants absorb sound, reducing noise pollution
  • They provide shade thus reducing heat
  • They make homes attractive thereby increasing property value
  • Plants can be used to establish boundaries
  • They can be used to solve erosion issues
  • Plants can act as screens to provide privacy
  • Scented plants will make the home smell nice
  • Plants that have thorns or spines can be used for security purposes

Planting trees can have an impact on a building’s foundation, so it is good to seek professional advice for choice of plant species and maintenance.

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